Our Ministries

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+ Children

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION is responsible for the bibical training and discipleship for ages 2-15. Sunday Morning classes are formatted to teach sound biblical doctrine and establish Godly principles in the lives of all our children. Monthly Sunday morning services for specific age groups are designed to introduce them to a church service atmosphere.

IGNITION KIDZ reaches out to children ages 2-11 years of age at First Church San Jose and the surrounding neighborhood. This ministry works in conjunction with Sunday School and Blue Bomber ministries. This ministry oversees Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, and many other events throughout the year.

BLUE BOMBER CREW Is the Bus Ministry of First Church. The objective is to transport children and families safely to and from the church every Sunday morning. This involves Saturday and occasional midweek evangelism efforts. This ministry reaches into various communities surrounding First Church San Jose.

NURSERY MINISTRY Is one of the most important of ministries offered at First Church San Jose. This is the care of infants to 3 years of age. This ministry involves the protection and primary steps of training for the youngest of our congregation enabling parents and guest to enjoy a service without the distraction of tending to young children with needs.

+ Youth & Young Adult

Revivalution is our youth group catering to young people ages 12-17. Weekly events and activities continually engage this group to mature spiritually and involve them socially.

+ College & Career

This ministry provides a safe and productive venue for single adults ages 18-30 to have fellowship. It offers opportunities for events in San Jose and across the state for this mobile group of adults.

+ Married Life

This ministry is designed to promote fellowship in our married couples throughout the year. This is accomplished through dinners, game nights, and special activities for the purpose of building stronger Apostolic families and deeper inter-church relationships.

+ More Than Conquerors

This ministry offers a caring touch to the elderly of First Church San Jose and those connected through family and friends. Many events and opportunities for caring for those 55 and older through day trips, cards, dinners, fellowship, transportation, and many other activities are provided through this ministry.

+ Music Ministry

This sets the atmosphere and leads the congregation into the presence of God through anointed Apostolic singing and playing. This ministry is of great importance as it directly impacts the level of faith, participation and flow of God’s Holy Spirit in each service. It is staffed by those that are willing to live in the flow of God’s Spirit each and every day through consistent prayer and study of His word and learning to manifest God’s Spirit through the talents of singing and playing instruments.

+ Bible Study Ministry

This ministry facilitates the connection of those desiring a Home Bible Study to those willing to teach a Home Bible Study. This ministry also facilitates outreach efforts using “Surveys” to obtain those interested in a Bible Study.

+ Baptismal Ministry

The objective of this ministry is to ensure the Baptismal Room and supplies are restocked and prepared for baptisms. This ministry involves the collection of accurate data, photo taking and overseeing the overall flow of the baptism process.

+ Transportation Ministry

FCSJ has embarked upon implementation of another dimension of our vision to reach our community with the apostolic message. The vision involves operating our church vans for free transportation to anyone who desires to attend our services and is in need of a ride. The vans will be available to pick-up and drop-off any individual or family at their home. This ministry will primarily be responsible for Sunday night and Wednesday night services.


+ Hospitality

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MINISTRY is the venue through which we welcome, direct, and serve all those attending services and special events at First Church San Jose. From the greeters, to the ushers and all those that serve in between, working to ensure that everyone from the youngest child to the elderly have a memorable experience at First Church.

CONNECT CAFE provides a comfortable atmosphere for fellowship and refreshments before or after Sunday morning and Sunday evening services. The Connect Cafe is operated by volunteers and provides coffee and tea for all our guest and church family. Connect Cafe offers quality products at an affordable price.

KITCHEN MINISTRY First Church San Jose has many diverse events throughout the year and food preparation plays an important role in many of them. Our Kitchen Ministry is vital in facilitating this option at each event through dedicated and selfless volunteers who work in a variety of roles within our commercial kitchen. They also ensure that all equipment and facilities are clean and in working order. They maintain all standards required through the County Health Department. If you love to serve, this ministry is for you! It takes a unique level of servitude, dedication, and hard work.

+ Facilities

FACILITY & MAINTENANCE This ministry maintains the buildings and properties at First Church. It’s the desire of this ministry to keep the building in good repair and cleanliness making the first impression of our guests a positive one. FIGS (First Impression Gardening Services) is a subgroup of this ministry. FIGS maintains the landscaping needs of the property.

SAFETY AND PREVENTION The mission of the First Church San Jose Safety and Prevention Team is to protect the property and people therein, and respond to conditions of fire, theft, vandalism, trespass, natural disaster, medical emergencies, and other life safety situations.

+ Technology

MULTIMEDIA Ensures that the lyrics for worship songs, the scriptures from all messages and all promotions for special events are displayed for the congregation. This ministry plays a vital role in each portion of our services. From pre-service to after-service promotions they are working to communicate with the First Church congregation all necessary information. They also oversee and facilitate all video & audio recording, editing, and duplication of services and special events. CDs and Podcasts are provided for purchase to the First Church family. The sale of most all music/ preaching/ DVDs fall under the care of this ministry.

INTERNET TECHNOLOGY The Internet Technology Ministry of First Church is in place to facilitate the ongoing computer and internet needs. The IT department will be involved in solving various technology issues that may arise while overseeing internet aspects of First Church.

SOUND MINISTRY This ministry sets up, maintains, and insures quality sound performance for each service/ event at First Church. Volunteers will be trained as Sound Technicians. A good technical and musical background would be advantageous.

+ Translation Ministry

With a growing number of Spanish speaking members at First Church, this ministry plays a vital role in ensuring quality communication to this community. This ministry is also active in translating written materials that are needed by our Spanish-speaking members. They are also active in evangelism for Bus Ministry and special events. First Church San Jose is establishing a model of a multi-ethnic congregation for others to follow and this ministry plays a vital role in this process.

+ Deaf Ministry

Translation is provided for the hearing imparied for all First Church San Jose services and events. This ministry offers training throughout the year to those who desire to be trained in ASL for the benefit of communication with the deaf community.